1087 Rachel Adams - Ultraverse Crisis episode 2: The Final Collection

17:23 video

The UltraGirl saga moves forward toward an exciting conclusion as UltraGirl (Rachel Adams), still under the effects of the Purge, placed into her body during her previous adventure in the hands of The Shadow Demon, helplessly follows the orders of the dark entity as it elimantes everyone and everything that stands in the way of the Purge.  This means eliminating one of her oldest foes, The Collector! In order to gain his trust, Ultragirl manages to lure a SECOND Ultragirl from an altetnate universe into The Collector's lair as a pawn to be used in The Collector's latest scheme! The real identities of the look-alike heroines can only be distinguished by their costuems, as each is a perfect doppleganger for the other! Unfortunately, UltraGirl C17 is blasted by her counterpart from this world, and soon finds herself bound and gagged to a chair, helpless as Ultragirl CS circles and mocks her! Can she escape?  Will Ultragirl CS succeed in eliminating The Collector?  Will she break the spell of The Purge and return to the side of good? Find out in this action packed scene!

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